New Year, New Something?

If you reckon you haven’t seen me around lately, I reckon you are correct.

2018 beat me with a steel rod and left me crying and *shook* on the side of some old, abandoned, proverbial highway.

2019 came to my rescue. It’s like we’re flying overhead to reach the perfect destination where we can find solace. I’m currently just waiting in the clutches of 2019’s claws to see if he drops me over some cesspool of crap. Hopefully not, though. Right? Anyway, moving on.

I’m feeling motivated these days. I do not pretend to know why. All I know is that when it happens, I need to roll with it. So that’s what I’m doing. I got my big girl skates on and I’m just rolling away. Well, I will be…Once 2019 releases me from his claws.

I know 99.999 percent of you made New Year’s resolutions for this year. I did not. Kind of seems useless to me. I do not intend to hype myself up by making a bunch of goals I know I probably won’t keep. I’d rather just not expect to accomplish anything. That way, if and when I do accomplish something, It’s a nice surprise.

So. Enough rambling. To sum this up, I’m back. (Yey! ?) You’ll be seeing a lot more from me, and good luck with your new goals people!


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